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An option hosting company’s offer is virtual private servers (VPS). The VPS is used by a single customer rather than the customer using a shared server. The server is partitioned to allow each customer their own private space on the server. A virtual private server is more flexible than a shared server and will accommodate a customer’s web page without being impacted by other web page traffic using the same server.

A VPS usually offers greater bandwidth and disk space, along with more processing power and memory. A VPS also offers a customer better performance as resources is not shared by others. Web traffic will slow down a web site very quickly and on a shared system, all web pages will contribute to everyone’s web page moving slowly.

Using a virtual private server allows a customer to host multiple domains and IP addresses. This gives the web page stability and is less likely to crash if there is an influx of traffic. The VS are typically offered as managed or unmanaged, depending on the choice of the customer. A VPS that is unmanaged means the customer will take care of the day to day web page management. A managed account is handled by the web hosting provider.

Virtual private servers are not right for all web pages. Before choosing a VPS there are a few things to consider. A VPS is ideal for web pages that generate a lot of web traffic on a consistent basis. The VPS will give the web page their own resources to allow the web page to stay up and running efficiently. Virtual private servers allow customers the ability to utilize private name servers, which is a major benefit when attempting to establish a brand for the business.

Virtual private servers usually are equipped with advanced security features that include backup and monitoring. Customers also have the ability to create individual accounts within the virtual private server. This is ideal for the web owner who manages multiple web pages. This allows the web owner to keep the information and data in one location, making the management of it all efficient.